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Greenspace Support System

The Greenspace Support System interactive map shows environmentally-ranked, potential greenspaces identified within the city of Atlanta in 1999.

Greenspace Support System Article

This 2003 article in ESRI's ArcUser magazine details the methods, parameters, and results of the Greenspace Support System.

UTC Assessment Final Report

This 2014 report provides a comprehensive analysis of the Urban Tree Canopy study - from introducing the benefits of urban trees to pinpointing target areas for planting more trees.

Urban Tree Canopy Interactive Map

This map shows all the layers associated with evaluating Atlanta's tree canopy, including Urban Tree Cover, Watersheds, Atlanta Neighborhoods, City Council Districts, and much more!

UTC Assessment Story Map

Want to see how Atlanta's urban tree canopy stacks up next to other major U.S. cities? Scroll through this story map to see a condensed version of the UTC Assessment Final Report.

Trees Atlanta Interactive Map

If the UTC Assessment interactive map is too overwhelming, try exploring this interactive map, where you can turn layers off and on at will. You can also type in your address to see your neighborhood in the context of the UTC Assessment!

DSSG Trees Website

In 2015, the Data Science for Social Good (DSSG) program created several interactive applications that assist in evaluating Biodiversity, Planting Prioritization, and Conservation. These help groups such as Trees Atlanta protect and improve the city's urban forest.

Greenspace Lost to Development

This interactive slider story map allows you to scroll back and forth between the years 1999 and 2014 in order to compare greenspace areas (or lack thereof).

City in the Forest (Video)

Check out this 2014 video by Trees Atlanta that shows what it takes to preserve our city's greenspace.

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