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Support provided by the Google Community Grants Fund of Tides Foundation

Trees Atlanta is proud to present this interactive map to view and compare tree canopy in the City of Atlanta. City leaders and residents can quickly access tree canopy statistics at various scales across the city (NPUs, neighborhoods, council districts,and watersheds). Other useful overlays are also provided. Trees Atlanta will use this tool to educate and increase awareness of tree canopy needs in our city.

Quick Map Tips --- Type your address into the location bar. Then click on the chart box to see tree canopy percentages for your area. Or, with any layer turned on, click anywhere in the city and then cliok the chart box to see how your area compares to the rest of the Atlanta.

This user-friendly map was developed by the Center for GIS at Georgia Tech (CGIS) for Trees Atlanta and funded through a Google Community Grant. This map utilizes data acquired and analyzed by CGIS for the City of Atlanta as part of the city's first urban tree canopy assessment.. For more information about the tree canopy data, please visit:

To request a presentation for your group about the tree canopy of your neighborhood or to share comments or questions, please contact Trees Atlanta at

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