Ride Hailing Service Assessment

Social Media Text Analysis using Multi-kernel Convolution Neural Network for Ride Hailing Service Assessment

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Explore the Transit Performance and Sentiment of MTA Bus System in New York City

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Twitter Analysis

Twitter posts about sentiment and transit performance

Case Study

Model and data analysis on Tweets from the New York's transit

Deap Learnning

Automatically categorize the tweets


How we deal with data and do analysis

  • Multi-kernel Convolution Neural Network

    Model uses multiple kernels for convolution to capture local context among neighboring words in texts and is simplified by summarizing parameters in traditional models using a kernel function. Pre-trained model will soon become available for sentiment analysis / transportation evaluation.

  • Data Collection

    The titles of popular ride-share companies like Uber and Lyft were used as keyword for filtering as the scope of this study is social media data analysis. Total of 1,925,952 Uber/Lyft relevant tweets were collected between January 23 and February 1 in 2019. Due to terms and conditions from Twitter, we cannot directly share out dataset. We are currently communicating with Twitter to make our annotated data public.

  • Transit Performance Category and Annotation

    Traditional performance categories were reviewed and evaluated based on their applicability to the ride hailing service environment. Nine main categories were created including availability, travel time, cost, human interaction, reliability, technology, safety, vehicle quality, and community outcomes.

  • Visualize
    Transit Tweets
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Our Amazing Team

Won Hwa Kim

Assistant Professor of Computational Science and Engineering at The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA)

Kate Hyun

Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering at UTA

Ge Zhang

Research Scientist at Georgia Institute of Technology (GT)

Tony Giarrusso

Senior Research Scientist at GT

Anna Philips

Ph.D student of Computational Science and Engineering at UTA

Vivek Patel

Ph.D student of Computational Science and Engineering at UTA

Farah Naz

Ph.D. student of Civil Engineering at UTA

Lijun Tong

Master student of Computational Science and Engineering at GT

Yiou Zhu

Master student of Computational Science and Engineering at GT