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Maps and Apps

Discover, explore and analyze G-WRAP's geospatial data through our ArcGIS online map and story map. Click an image below to go directly to the map or story map.


Built using ESRI's Web App Builder, the Georgia Wetlands Restoration Access Portal (G-WRAP) Map contains custom tools designed to make utilization of G-WRAP data easy, useful and informative. G-WRAP Map users can perform custom queries on wetlands and other related datasets, view data charts, draw and measure features, turn layers on and off, adjust layer transparency, view attribute tables, identify features, change basemaps, view animations of time enabled data and print custom maps.

2012 Georgia Wetlands Document

The 2012 Georgia Wetlands Document reports on the methods and the findings of the updated and enhanced wetland inventory. It includes information on wetland status (e.g., acreage of different wetland types) and a preliminary functional assessment of wetlands. The functional assessment highlights wetlands that are predicted to perform eleven functions at significant levels and includes thematic maps showing the location of these wetlands.

Georgia Wetlands Toolkit Story Map

The Georgia Wetlands Toolkit Story Map is an online, interactive, map-based slide show created using ESRI's Story Map templates available on ArcGIS.com. The Georgia Wetlands Toolkit Story Map is designed to provide site visitors with a broad overview of the Georgia Wetlands Toolkit, an ESRI Add-In designed for use with ArcGIS Desktop Version 10x. Story map slides include a project overview, links to tutorials on how to downlaod, install, and use the toolkit.

About Us

Through funding made available by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Georgia Wetlands Restoration Access Portal was created by the Georgia Tech Center for Geographic Information Systems for Georgia's Department of Natural Resources (GADNR). A majority of the data layers found on the portal were created by the University of Georgia's Skidaway Institute of Oceanography (SkIO). The Georgia Wetlands Portal's intended use is solely for informational purposes and the GA Tech Center for GIS, SkIO, GADNR, and EPA make no warranty, representation, or guarantee to the accuracy or completeness of the content.